About Us

Research and Development

With innovation and customer satisfaction at the canter of our culture, it is important for SOFI-TECH to stay at the cutting edge of technological advancement. In order for this to happen, SOFI-TECH strategically placed Research and Development (R&D) at the core of its business strategy. Through Research and Development( R&D),SOFI-TECH is not only able to understand present needs in absolute details and hence innovate relevant solutions but is also to anticipate the future based on the evolution of current and past trends. Research and Development informs all of our core business functions and processes with one goal in mind – continuous and never ending improvement. For us this means that we are constantly improving our ability to meet our clients’ needs and for clients it means that SOFI-TECH is consistently able to help them maintain a competitive edge in a highly turbulent business environment

Our Mission

To provide professional IT technical support end- user services to the people at affordable rates.

Our Plan

To construct one of the most biggest IT company in East Africa with in the next ten years

Our Vision

To be the leading IT support provider in East Africa