Our Services

Internet Applications

We can help you migrate aspects of of your business or inherent processes to the internet in order to stream line operations, make operations faster or diversify revenue streams by tapping into new markets. Service in this package includes; website design and web based software applications.

Data Processing & Management

We can help you to easily translate all your physical data to well packaged digital formats to save on storage space and costs, to enable easy backup and retrieval of data or to increase your storage capacity. Services here include; digitization, packaging, translation and design of database systems

Software Applications

Our extensive experience in this filed enables us to automate even the most complex business processes and transactions. We can create software for independent processes within your organisations operations to increase productively, to reduce human error in complex transactions, or help you save money that would otherwise be used to hire more people.


Whether to connect a few computers in a one room office or to connect several offices around the country, we have got the experience and expertise to give you just what you need. We can help your organisation to organise departments or even branches virtually, go wireless, or share resources. Our services here include; wireless network, local area networks (office networks), wide area networks, virtual private and virtual local area networks

Website Design And Hosting

When it comes to selecting a Web hosting service provider, we know that reliability and bandwidth are critical to the selection process. Your website is your business brand and we understand that your hosting provider’s dependability is critical. We are a secure web hosting Company in Uganda with dedicated service and Providing affordable, reliable web hosting.

Adding value to your organisation

The information age has added an extra spin to rate of the change in the business world today. To remain competitive requires that a company is able to adapt to this change just as fast. You need a partner who can tailor technology to your business needs in a way that will boost your ability to reach and surpass your present business goals while at the same time preparing you for the future. With the right experience and expertise to make technology work for you.